TaskAssure Partner Account

Create a TaskAssure Partner Account to access the TaskAssure services API. More information to follow...

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Contact TaskAssure by email or telephone to retrieve your API key and secret.

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TaskAssure will only use the contact information related to operations and service of your account. Your information will not be shared with other organizations, except to the extent required to fulfill your requests.

You can define aliases for TaskAssure's primary elements: tasks, helpers, and locations. For example, you may prefer the term "job" or "gig" or "contract" as an alias for "task". Or you might prefer "employee" or "pro" or "provider" for "helper". And you might prefer "property" or "job site" for "location". If you prefer a term other than the TaskAssure default for any of these elements, enter an alias below. TaskAssure will use these aliases when it displays information or generates communications, such as emails and text messages. Aliases are limited to no more than two words, and less than 20 characters.

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Your creation of this account for API access signifies your acceptance of TaskAssure Partner API Terms of Use. If creating an account on behalf of an organization, you must have authority from the organization. TaskAssure may suspend or delete any TaskAssure Partner Account for any reason.

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